I have a PROMPT!

In case you aren’t part of the Goodreads M/M Romance group, it’s Don’t Read in the Closet time again and his year’s theme is Love is an Open Road. DRitC is an annual event for the group where members submit photos and prompts for authors to pick and use as the basis for a story. It’s a bit of a mad frenzy for authors and everyone is always nervous that they won’t act quickly enough to get their first choice but this year seemed much more civilized than last year. Lucky for me, I was quick on the draw and got the prompt I wanted without any fuss. Last year I think I ended up with my third or fourth choice.

Here’s my prompt: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2236298-dear-author-jane-a—claimed-by-jae-moran

It’s cute and sweet and just what I feel like writing right now. My personal life has been pretty high stress/high drama lately and this will be a great counter to all that crap. Escapism isn’t just for readers. I’ve already started my prep work, mostly research and plotting. If all goes well I should be able to start writing in a couple days with a bare bones outline in hand.

Last year I was entirely too ambitious for the two month deadline. I’m hoping to keep this year’s story to 25-30K words or less if I can pull it off. There’s something to be said for tight deadlines giving my muse a swift kick in the pants and keeping me focused. I’ll post snipits and probably the first chapter when I get the first beta draft done.

Wish me luck with that… LOL!


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