Coming Soon: Where I Belong

So, we’ll start with a Snoopy dance…
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I am pleased to report that my first M/M romance, Where I Belong, has been accepted for publication. Squee! I’m not sure what I am allowed to say at this point, but here is the unedited, and probably unintelligible, blurb…

Where I Belong by Jae Moran

Bestselling author and erstwhile musician Harper Ellison started running from his troubled past before he graduated high school. When his sister tracks him down ten years later at the request of his dying mother, Harper hesitantly agrees to visit the family and small North Carolina community that rejected him when he needed them most.

Harper doesn’t do relationships, but he can’t ignore his attraction to Lucas Rhodes, the buff, blond social worker living on his grandparents’ farm. Lucas quickly becomes Harper’s anchor in the maelstrom of his homecoming. Together they wade through the wreckage as Harper confronts the pain he buried six-feet deep a few miles from his childhood home.

Accepting that no amount of apology or regret will ever change the past, choosing to forgive is the only way Harper will ever find peace. But, can he learn that lesson before it’s too late?

Just so you can get into my mind’s eye, here’s my character collage….

WIB BeFunky Collage.jpg

Harper has dark hair and light blue-gray eyes. As a  runner, Harper has a lithe, graceful and relatively slender frame. Lucas, on the other hand, is tall and blond with dark hazel eyes and a more muscular, powerful body. He is a surfer with a golden tan and his hair is highlighted by the sun.

I’m sure I will have more to say soon… My excitement is kinda getting away from me today, and I couldn’t resist sharing my joy.

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